Soul Regression Therapy®

Soul/Past Life Regression

If you have recurring situations or dreams in your life or you feel there is something more to your life than you can understand? Things you would like to have answers for? You may wonder about being a Star seed. Some ailments and negative emotions maybe from a past life lived and they can be explored through this modality. Some of these questions and many more can be answered through regression: Soul contracts, Soul name, Soul mate of flames, life purpose, resolving emotional confusion and by answering them finding a way to heal.

I was called for a long time to explore the possibility to look deeper into the journey of the soul. This is a great opportunity for a new tool to my Transpersonal Counselling and Art Therapy sessions. I love working with the healers out there. Many times we are just not sure why we can’t resolve our difficulties or health issues even though we have so many answers for others. Is it possible you may find answers a little differently?

Soul Regression Therapy ® was created by Lorna and John Jackson, founders of the Jackson Institute, Australia.

Lorna and John have trained with pioneers in the field such as the Newton Institute, Brian Weiss and Dolores Cannon.

Through this healing modality we the therapist take the client through to a past life using hypnosis and walk the client through to find healing. We can investigate past lives and parallel lives and use them as part of our counseling session to see if there are similarities or perhaps explanations of current life events.

We will go through current memories then visiting the womb and relevant past lives. Meeting the higher self and the soul family.

It’s a great body of work can take up to 3-4 hours. I found it very healing on a personal and professional level. This process giving a chance to move out of the head and find some answers working with the unconscious.

Please allow yourself to get ready for this adventure with questions and intention to change or to find some answers. It is important you don’t drink alcohol or use any hallucinogen before the session to achieve the best desired outcome. When you are making your booking I’ll send you some information on how to get ready for this next step in your healing.

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