Endorsements I am very grateful for……

I’ve now had 2 sessions of intuitive counseling and art therapy with the Ajna light. Evie has helped me dive deep within to unlock doors of my consciousness that hold wisdom needed for me to heal both my business and myself. I’ve been searching for so long for the right healer to help me bust through self-limiting beliefs and confusion that has impacted my business and visibility. I will be seeing Evie many more times because her holistic approach is both nourishing and transformative. If you feel stalled in life because of self-imposed unconscious blocks then do yourself a favour and have a session with Evie. You won’t regret it!” Rebecca G.

“I recently tried the Ajna lights and wow- what an experience. An effortless meditation with a very clear sense of calm, peace and love. I can see this being very beneficial for busy, stressed, anxious people everywhere! And a big thank you to the beautiful Evie for sharing her time to let me try this.” Bec M.

“Thank you so much … you are amazing … you definitely have given me a completely different perspective.”
Nat B.

“Evie has amazing insight. I’ve worked with her over the last few years and am always surprised and impressed by the things/feelings uncovered through simple conversation. Well worth your time to schedule a session with her.” Leslie R.P.

“I wanted to say a huge thank you to Evie for her support. She has helped me with so much, the most important was restoring my relationship with myself and my husband.” A. S.

“What a great experience. Evie is a beautiful soul and chatting with her before and then doing some art therapy afterward was amazing. The light – seeing the colors and patterns through closed eyes with the music on was amazing.I have been sleeping much better (well as much as I can in the heat lol) and my mind has certainly been clearer and sharper. Highly recommended.” Chrissy H.

The combination of sand therapy, art therapy, and Ajna light has really moved things along quickly. Energetically a lot has shifted and I feel free of what’s been holding me back from making my dream a reality and hubby and I are a team again. I’ve had such strong breakthroughs and have finally, after making some adjustments around the house as suggested by Evie’s gifts, we have had our FIRST offer!

I am so fulfilled and grateful to have trusted Evie along this journey. She is amazing!!

“Evie is amazing at helping me gain clarity on what’s holding me back. She holds a beautiful space for me to open up and dream and every dream has become a reality. Some challenges have been tougher than others and Evie has been there every step of the way. Evie goes way above and beyond as a practitioner and I’m very grateful for her skills and way of being. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is working through pain or simply wanting to realise their deepest desires to bring to life! Amanda S.

Evie Kalina is a highly intelligent intuitive therapist. Her counselling techniques help her clients explore self-esteem and resilience, gain clarity and insight. Evie has worked with people with the most difficult and complex concerns and addictions and helped them to master their issues. Evie has developed art groups to create a community of support for Young Adults and families affected by a wide range of emotional difficulties as well as the beginning of AOD use in their life. Her therapy programs create a safe place to express and explore healthy options with safe non-judgemental support removing the sometimes-uncomfortable eye contact. Elizabeth S.

Working with Evie is amazing. She is extremely open and non-judgmental. I found it fascinating how easy it was to identify and understand some blocks I was experiencing. The simple art therapy she uses really helped me to see some things that were happening in my subconscious which began the healing process immediately. While I found healing begun after my first quick chat with Evie, during her sessions she really takes the time to ensure you can go into the depths that you need to. Jenna A.

“ It is a great thing you do Evie, showing the kids  how to release their feelings in art…. it really is therapeutic and it has helped me as their Mother, so thank you.” Kat O.

I just had Ajna light therapy with Evie and it was an absolute mind-blowing and amazing experience! the imagery that came up for me and the feelings afterward, there are no words and I 100% recommend having a session! Bec C.