It’s not about love and light right now

I invite you to please think with me for a little bit…..We are in the middle of CV related lockdowns and I  feel the more yoga videos popping up and meditation courses online calling me to participate the more I feel turned off of them. I feel if someone didn’t have the chance or the choice to make these changes before, now its not a time to start. Taking deep breaths, sure. Anchoring, yes. But it is very difficult to listen to all the positive talk and love and light and the “it all will be fine if we only prayed” talk. Sure, it has the time and space for it, but not now. We need you to think and be here.

I feel it is action time. Using our fire to connect and build a future with this fire. Being calm and smart is important of course but putting water on our inquiry is not the time. Our immune system is fighting off the parasites and we need more info. We need to unite and do something. Not to calm our fire with “oh it will all be fine” attitude but to actually expose all the corruption and power-hungry corporations. We are turning into a censor our neighbor society slowly as the frog boils.

I see people in my community bashing on each other when someone questions what is happening right in front of our eyes. In the past, we were told in order to keep the peace we need to comply and not ruffle feathers just compromise. But what if we are actually just listening to each other and being amazed by what someone comes up with. Looking at this information as an open door to another view. Something must resonate with us. Being open to each other may bring us to unity and understanding and wonderment.

There are so many truths out there. We need to do this together. We are all truth seekers we must be able to put all the puzzle pieces together for a better future.

I felt I need to hide in my hole and just recuperate after the existential trauma we were exposed to, but I feel now is the time to be in action.

What do you feel? I feel I am a rock to observe and I jump when I need to. A Jumping rock go figure.


“So, Why do I have to work on myself?”

Given I am a therapist I find this question funny. I was asked recently by others this question. I also received comments on how I view the world of being eager and that as I try to understand more about myself and others seemed to be a negative thing. Someone even told me, “I am simple, not as deep as you are, it is what it is don’t need to complicate it”

My Dad used to say, “I will never change, you cannot change me”.

I remember it made me very sad as a little girl, as I didn’t want to change anyone, but to open up some philosophical conversations. Just to explore options. For me to dig a bit deeper is to challenge the ideas and myself in it.

I realized early on that by not working on the inner difficulties and not exploring the way our cosmology is we are stuck in a way of a drama.  This uncomfortable drama is definitely avoidable. This circle of defense leads us to health issues and finally just being very sad, without knowing what caused it. This leads me to be in a constant defense and circle of explanation. Some of us describe as being in the head. When we are able to explore who we really are and what we stand for, we suddenly have an opportunity to reach a happier more relaxed state.

I see it as a doorway. If I am standing in the doorway protecting whatever my belief system holds and not being able to let anything in, I will be in a constant protection and fight mode. This leads to sadness and a lifeless world where nothing can nourish me, as I don’t let the change in. If I am able to let some information in and being flexible or step aside to have a party on the other side of the door I can create a more enjoyable more playful and loving environment for everyone involved. My motto is to actually not have strict boundaries all the time but a more flexible fun one. Be ready for different things like laughter and ideas and stay 97% not serious.

Give a break to me and let the world surprise me. Your thoughts and the noise in your head may not even be anything you came up with. We can stop the chatter in our mind, and that is a good thing. Your boundaries maybe your parents and friends voices. Be surprised what you are ok with and what you would like to explore about yourself and others in the world.

Talk soon, Evie

07th of September, 2018

Indigo revolution, finally this is our time to start the work.

As Indigoes, Transparency is what we learn as children and brutal honesty – not giving into society standards as the Indigo revolution.  We have been ostracised and pushed out as worthless and not fitting in.  The 80’s & 90’s energies were simply so heavy its surprising we survived. It pushed many Indigoes to use substances so they could cover-up the pain it caused just to be quiet or to try to cover our vision.  We tried everything to push it down or this “gift” was forever punished.

We are the truth teller, the one you have to be transparent with. You cannot lie to an indigo, as they have no use of gentle or white lies.  So we see through the promise of the mirage world as well as we see it for what it is.

We see through you and we see the possible roads.  This can be scary, but also uplifting. It is a beautiful thing, as you cannot hide from the beautiful you. Those are the piercing eyes we see you with and we see you with compassion and love, not judgement.

Now, it’s our time to shine and help humanity to step into a new area and energy. We can start working on our true purpose translating and guiding humanity. This work may not take too long as disclosures are on the horizon, but we are working on the energetic shift at this very moment. We are here to hold your hand and look you in the eye and say “it’s all going to be fine”.

We are moving from a very heavy 3D to 4D mirage and from there the 5D transparency and so on. We are your bridge to become a better more balanced person and we are happy to be here for you. No hard feelings towards the “persecutors” the one who ostracised us and not understanding why we were so different. We got to the just plain calling, to do the assignment and we are very focused on our mission.

The way I see it that 4D is a place of between worlds of deception and mirage. As it is hard to get over to the higher densities standing in the 4D’s vacuum. This is when the indigos are coming in handy.

Finally, our time is here to practice our gift of truth seeing as we need clear vision to know what is a mirage of the 4D. We are the bridge between the very important 3D realities to skip and have a stone in place for you to rely on, to keep you safe and on the path so you can move into 5D.

Perhaps the reality is that we as Indigos are here to be your bridge and tool to help you to be brutally honest with yourself and move on to the transparent state.

Enjoy the ride with your indigo 🙂

 28th February 2018

19th February 2018


I was standing at my sink in Australia chopping potatoes with the very same knife I used in Colorado, USA. The other side of the world. Chopping veggies. Making food to nourish the family and seemingly watching myself now and back then 2 years ago. Had the feeling of awareness being in both kitchens at the same time. I was wondering about the whole concept of cooking and feeding our loved ones. Will the food eventually pass and no one will notice the work going into the food?

What if with our meals, taste buds and routines we actually feed the soul? Every meal and taste will have an emotional connection to. We could be eating to heal our wounded emotions. Something to comfort us in a world of failures and worry or even happiness. Whatever emotion we connect to a certain food will create a taste and atmosphere in our emotional world. An imprint which we will try to replicate over and over again while creating new memories and emotional connections.

Oh the comfort foods.  Hot Cocoa, a spicy Indian dish, take out Chinese food, cake at the café with frothy cappuccino and chocolate on top? Smooth or crunchy foods? When we have these foods we always seem to be in a disconnection to our inner world and try to make it all ok with eating more of it. More than we really can digest. Maybe even overeat to connect to the old memory of connection or the perceived connection we may have had in the past. If it’s true that most of our memories are made up as we only remember the way we feel about them then we are eating for keeping the memory alive perhaps.

What if we don’t need food at all for the physical body? What if it’s all just to feed the soul? What if we are already equipped to eat prana and not needing to have 3 meals and a sneaky snack here and there? I have this picture in my head of a soldier who is standing in the dark hiding, very hungry and finally finding food at a trench in the middle of war.

Was he eating Prana of love and endless energy? Probably not, but by biting into old bread may seem like the world to him not because his body is immediately nourished but because he is nourishing his mind with the memories of care free childhood and abundance of love from his family home and open fields with sunshine.  He is hungry for the soul food of his memories and keeping them alive and his body by eating.

I believe in changing the energy of the food we eat. Even though its full of chemicals, antibiotics and not plenty of nourishing minerals anymore I put possible memories and energy into it to make it last longer in our bodies. Exchange the money making depersonalised attachment the food had in it from the grocery store to flourishing sunny field and open airy worry free joyful world energy.

Chopping potatoes for the last 30 years. Changing the energy and vibration of food comes as a  conscious activity and lifestyle for me. Helps me grounded and more alert about my inner manifestation and health.

While I am still getting hungry makes me wonder how much of it is only eating for emotional fulfilment instead of nourishment. If I can fill up on joy and connecting my soul to another and feeling complete on my own without the ups and downs and drama maybe I  will be able to ascend to another dimension where food is not even a word anymore. I hope Ill be able to connect without the empty eating habits which are actually killing us slowly and making us sick on all levels. When I first came to Australia 20 odd years ago I did not see many overweight people and now it’s staggering. What is going on with us is not so much of a mystery, but disconnection and loneliness.