About Evie

About Evie 

I am a Mother of 2 Teens and 3 dogs and I am also an animal rights activist. I am married for over 20 years and had an interesting life and experiences. I bring these experiences to the counseling environment.

 I grew up in Hungary and at an early age around 4-5 I already knew I’ll be using English talking to people about life, I just wasn’t sure how or about what exactly.

I had very severe dyslexia so I was not allowed to learn English. My intuition was very strong and my friends all asked me the deep natured questions, somehow I was the strange kid who was just tuned in.

Later in my life, after lots of ups and downs and deeply philosophical ways of thinking something just did not work. I was literally turned inside out and knew the way things are just cannot go on any longer. I could not control “all” part of my life even though I’ve tried.  I knew a lot about questioning everything, about ACIM, dabbled into Meditation & Buddhism, Bhagavad Gita but I still could not move out of the stress and anxiety.

Coming to a halt in my personal growth I didn’t feel like I needed to receive pharmaceutical solutions.  I was dealing with deep depression, burnout, anxiety, and anorexia the 2nd time,  I did not see a way out. I didn’t even know counseling or alternative to mental health existed without the labels and drugs. I was in a place of constraints and joyless pain.

The Transpersonal methods of Art Therapy and Shamanic healing with a bit of psychodrama opened up different options and I could look deeper into my inner world. I found the Hungarian trickster in me once again and started to have fun.  Since then, I continually explore and find these methods helpful. I never stopped learning and experimenting. I can say after years of searching and expressing I am enjoying the ride and find joy in the smallest things. Anxiety turned into excitement to see simply what is and not changing it just observe it.

I also started to use the Ajna Light as well and it proved to help further my healing.  My anxiety was reduced by getting me out of my head so I could work on my inner strength. You may use it too in our sessions if you feel like it.

I realized I am not my behavior but an ever-changing awareness.

I realized there is a reason for the thoughts and emotions that just need to be conscious of them and work through them.  There is no right or wrong thinking everything has a place.  But we can think and find fun and laughter and colors. I integrate joy and play into my sessions as I love laughter and play and somehow now I can fully experience it after all the inner work of breaking down my self created obstacles.  This is what I would love to show you how to get there. I  Advanced my education in Transpersonal Art Therapy and Transpersonal and Integrated Psychotherapy. Recently extended my studies towards Mental Health focuses on the Therapies around Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD).  Up until now I was facilitating a weekly Art Therapy Group program for people transitioning from addiction to healing. I am also a proud member of the  Community Drug Action Team for family support and facilitate the Youth Art Therapy group.

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