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I am here to serve Humanity one session at a time. If you have been looking for a dedicated therapist I hope you are not looking anymore. I am here every step of your journey online or in-person. Using Transpersonal Art Therapy and Counselling 

Online Therapy

 if you can’t make it to my location let’s go online. Great options this time in our life anywhere you are. It is convenient but does not take away from your experience. We conducting it over zoom or skype without losing quality in the therapeutics of counseling.

By healing your traumas and raising your spiritual awareness you are raising your vibration. This is the best way I know to get through relationship difficulties with ourselves first and eventually, others. This process may prove to be the best thing you ever do for yourself and your partners in life. Relationship counseling is available online now so you can be flexible with your time. 

With my unique approach to intuitive, heart-centered attention and downloading, I can guide you by bringing your personal messages as we explore together.  You also have the ability to reach your inner psychic and inner guidance by using some of the therapy tools and allow you to transform.  Information obtained in an intuitive way can be used to highlight areas in your life that need your attention.  You need to integrate the information you find and make sense of it, this is where I come in as a trained Transpersonal Art Therapy and Integrated Psychotherapy Practitioner.

If you find it difficult to make sense of anxiety, behavioral challenges, addiction, eating disorder, grief, parental and relationship issues we can look at them together as they all can be part of a call for change.  I also have personal and professional experience with ADHD/ASD and Dyslexia challenges as well as Ascension Symptoms.

Please note I do not diagnose or find a cure. I help you find ways to live in your world and to look outside of the box of labels. 


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What would we do in our session?

We may use  Expressive Materials and Art Therapy, Transpersonal Counselling all custom-selected for you to explore your journey. I am here for you to fall in love with your life.  I may guide you to use sand, crayon, list writing, or dreamwork to find your message. It is intensive work to get to the shift while in your own altered state. We may use Ajna/third eye light, meditation.  I believe we all have metaphysical programming which I can pinpoint with you and if you are interested –  cancel.  In most cases, 3 sessions will be enough but you are welcome to target the next thing you would like to cancel and we continue the fun.

“I found myself smiling at my own world that appeared in the images or stories I wrote and they didn’t seem as scary anymore when appearing on paper or in the sand.” E.M.

We are all so different and have unique personalities and stories. There is no one-size-fits-all in counseling.  This is the beauty of the transpersonal approach and you. Let’s celebrate who you are and where you are.

Ajna and  Neuro Light

With the Neuro/ Ajna light, we can calm your world down so we get wiser answers from within when we override the ego. Come and try it out. It is a complementary option if you have a session with me, it only takes 5-11 min to reach total relaxation and a meditative state. I like working with altered states and this is an easy way to reach that. 

Intuitive Guidance

We look at where you are heading and by creating awareness we can change the course of actions and outcomes. With your approval, I look into and tune into your situation with you and we untangle them together 🙂 

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